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Ugees Value Pack (Refill Pack)

Ugees Value Pack (Refill Pack)

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Try Ugees, and Feel the change. If you dont like it, we promise a 100% Money-Back guarantee, no questions asked! 🤝

Net Contents: 750ml

Introducing the Ugees "Value Pack" - Your Sustainable Refill Solution! At Ugees, we are dedicated to promoting sustainability and reducing plastic waste. Our "Value Pack" is designed for our eco-conscious patrons who already have our Ugees undergarment liquid wash and want to continue enjoying its benefits without contributing to single-use plastic consumption.

By choosing the Ugees "Value Pack," you not only ensure the long-lasting cleanliness and freshness of your undergarments but also take an active step towards a greener future. Embrace convenience and eco-friendliness hand in hand as you refill your existing Ugees bottle with our specially crafted undergarment liquid wash. Let's join forces in making a positive impact on the environment while keeping your undergarments impeccably clean and odor-free. Together, we can build a more sustainable world, one refill at a time!

What Makes Ugees Different

  • Specialized in taking care for underwear, lingerie, activewear, shapewear, swimwear, socks and similar items.

  • Quick and easy - No soaking formulation, No separate disinfection.

  • Plant based detergent

  • Disinfectant liquid - Protects from 99.9% germs, keeps garment odour free.

  • Mild formulation - Contains no harsh chemicals; no phthalate, no sulphate, no paraben, no bleach , no synthetic color

  • Allergen free fragrance

  • Eco-friendly -Biodegradable surfactant, recyclable packaging

  • Effectively removes blood stains

  • Cruelty free - No animal testing, no animal by-products used

  • Suitable for all fabrics - safe to use on silk, wool, satin, nylon, spandex, lurex, cotton, blends

How to use

Simply, Pump-rub-rinse, no soaking required.

Step 1: Pump a few drops of Ugees liquid detergent on wet garment (make sure to use cold or warm water).

Step 2:

In the case of panties, briefs or trunks, gently rub between palms while slowly removing any dirt, sweat, blood stain, and other discharge residues from the gusset.

In the case of a brassiere, gently swish fingers around the cups and lightly wipe the straps to remove any dirt or stains.

Other delicates, such as shapewear, activewear, and stockings/socks, should be cleaned with light agitation.

Step 3: Rinse with water and put to dry.

Drying Tips

Do not wring/twist your delicates harshly.

After rinsing, squeeze excess water out by pressing gently between your palms or delicately squishing. Twisting/wringing the garment may cause it to distort, and wired, elasticized bras may go misplaced.

Always let your delicates air dry, preferably under the sun. You can either lay them flat on a towel, a drying rack, or a clothesline to do so. Never dry your delicates in the dryer. The dryer’s heat will destroy the elastic and spandex in your delicates, as well as deform your shape wear and active wear.

Bras should either be hung from the gore in the centre or be clipped by their pads. The weight of the damped cups will elongate your bra straps indefinitely if you hang dry your bras by their straps.

Key Ingredients

1. CAPB (Coconut Extract)
2. AOS (Coconut Extract)
3. Tween 80 (Natural Oil Extracts)
4. Guargum (Cluster Bean Extract)
5. Sodium Chloride (Salt)
6. Aqua Fragrance (Allergen Free)
7. EDTA (Preservative)
8. Phenoxyethanol (Antiseptic/Disinfectant)

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