Rahul & Samiksha

Ugees not only made our lives easier, but also more enjoyable. With Ugees-undergarment liquid wash, washing underwear is no longer a chore and we want everyone to experience this joy.

- Founders

Company Values

The concept of Ugees was born out of a passion to solve a problem, and it has since become the guiding principle for establishing company’s core values.

The company’s primary goal is to develop products that make people’s lives easier. We strive to provide products of high-quality, authenticity, responsibility and style.

The founders stay true to these values and consider it their ultimate moral obligation to create products that are not only authentic but also environmentally sustainable. The two founders are biotechnology graduates with master’s degrees in management. Their suitable educational background, as well as the resources available to them, inspired them to pursue their goal of developing a remarkable solution-based product.

Company’s Mission

We are dedicated to developing sustainable products that aim to promote the community’s social, economic, and environmental well-being. 
We strive to give our employees with healthy working conditions that encourage them to feel engaged in their responsibilities and connected to the company’s core values. 
We are committed to sourcing ethically and ensuring that our suppliers operate their business in an ethical manner. 
We are committed to environmental changes that promote a long-term future while also benefiting the social and economic well-being of the communities in which we operate.