Do we also need to take care of our underwear? Is that actually required? How to hand wash underwear? Should you use undergarment liquid wash? These questions probably sprang to mind very quickly, but trust us, you need to address them.

We are aware that up until now you have washed them with your everyday clothing, but it is incorrect. The result could be vaginal infections. Sounds frightful, huh? It is better to take preventive measures now rather than suffer later. Therefore, Ugees is here to share some advice on how to take care of your underwear in this blog:

  • Never use bleach:

Avoid using harsh chemicals like bleach when washing underwear. Bleaching can damage the materials of underwear, causing them to wear out quickly as well as chemically caused vulva irritations, infections, and material breakdown. Undergarment liquid wash is the most suitable product for your ‘delicates’ in any given scenario and no other substitute can stand effective as that.

  • Washing intervals:

Because hygiene is crucial, it is essential that underwear be washed immediately after each wear. It’s a completely different story when it comes to bras. Since they require time to readjust, don’t wash them every day. If you have a lot of them, wash them every other week to prevent them from sagging and wearing out. Since it gets hot and humid in the summer, we understand that you’ll need to wash your bras more frequently. Of course, hand-washing is the greatest approach to extend their lifespan, as we have explained.

  • Use lingerie bags:

Hand washing your underwear is highly advised, but if you are in a hurry and can only use the washing machine, make sure to place each pair of underwear into a separate lingerie bag before putting them in the machine. Ensure that you wash your underwear in cold water as well. Warm or hot water might damage the fabric’s flexibility, color, and quality. Use the lowest setting when drying. High heat settings can damage the spandex or elastic in your underwear.

  • Store your lingerie properly:

Washing and storing your undergarments properly are both essential parts of lingerie care. To give your underwear room to breathe, lay them flat in a drawer. Bras should be stored standing up in a row so that the cups are positioned inside of one another and maintain their original shape.

  • Separate underwear by color:

Ladies, if you want to keep that lovely white lace or nude underwear safe, be sure to wash all of that dark underwear separately. A common mistake almost all of us end up making is ruining our underwear shades while washing them with other clothes, results- stained underwear. Using undergarment liquid detergent can be helpful from preventing the undies from fading away and keeping them stain free.

  • Shapewears and tights

The same rules apply to shapewears and tights: never, ever wash them in the machine. Why would you choose to disregard your favorite pair of tights and shapewear? They also give you a positive feeling, don’t they? Given that tights quickly lose their suppleness, giving them a thorough hand wash makes logical. Focus on the crotch and feet as you would other lingerie when handling it, and when you’re finished drying, lay it flat.  That is, after all, the key to a really flat stomach beneath that constricting garment! Put it somewhere flat to dry after washing it, or hang it properly on a rack.

  • Pamper your undergarments with Ugees

Well, a little extra pampering can always contribute to sustaining your underwear for a longer period of time. The purpose of Ugees is to make hand-washing undergarments easier. The eco-friendly detergent has been carefully formulated to be soft enough for your delicate clothing and skin. This disinfection liquid leaves your underwear Odor-free and fresh while successfully removing germs and unsightly blood stains.

Your undergarments are the real unsung heroes that toil behind the scenes, even though your clothing is what garners you all the admiration. Your undergarments are what give you that amazing feeling, and they deserve all the attention and care you can give them—possibly even more so than your favorite pair of jeans and outfit. And your underwear may last you for years if you take proper care of them.

One answer that fits right with the question – how to hand wash underwear? Wash them using Ugees, undergarment liquid wash. Ugees is India’s first undergarment liquid wash and is the best friend your undergarment needs for sure.


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