As crucial as cleaning your teeth is so is maintaining the cleanliness of your intimates. Not joking, dirty or unclean underwear can cause a number of health risks. Given that winter has arrived, you might not want to wash your underwear. We are aware of the difficulty. According to research, more than 40% of individuals consistently wear the same underwear. If you belong to this group, learn how it affects your health. Additionally, keep in mind to use our underwear cleaning advice.

That’s correct; there are ways you could be cleaning your underwear that would not only make them spotless and ready for the next use, but also lengthen their life, such as how to hand wash underwear as per fabrics. Or what is the difference between using undergarment liquid wash or regular detergent.

Why is washing undergarments important?

The underwear has many advantages, including comfort and keeping your intimate areas dry. The following symptoms could occur if your underwear is unclean or improperly cleaned:

  • Foul smell
  • Bacterial build-up
  • Itching and irritation
  • Rashes
  • Candida infections
  • blemishes and skin issues

Do not take the information above lightly. Beware! Your health may potentially be impacted by these. Using undergarment liquid wash can be of great help in this regard.

How to keep your delicates clean and fresh?

  • Don’t throw them in your regular laundry load

That’s right; there are ways to clean your underwear that would not only make them pristine and ready for the next usage, but also extend their life and effectively make them less expensive for you. And we all like to save money, right? Right.

We asked the specialists starting from those associated with lingerie brand to the doctors with expertise on intimate hygiene, for the finest advice. Based on their advice on how to make those delicate little fabrics endure, maintain their form, not stretch out, get the most use out of our priceless underwear while concerning to health and hygiene we bring you some points to ponder.

The best way is certainly is to segregate them from the load of laundry and hand wash them gently. Washing your undergarments in the sink or under running water is the most beneficial.

  • Give them a cold-water rinse.

The only type of underwear that genuinely benefits from being washed in a machine is cotton underwear. Although it is to be remembered that machine was for undergarments is not highly recommended at all. Basically, hand washing is better for everything, such as your delicate sheer or seamless numbers or even the regular cotton ones. Undergarment liquid wash like that of Ugees can come in handy while handwashing your delicates

Let the delicate cycle be created by your hands. That entails refraining from excessive rubbing, tugging, stretching, and other such actions. To maintain the fabric fibres and prevent them from stretching out in the heat, wash them in cold water.

According to our specialists, using detergent that is too harsh for the fabric when washing bras and underwear is one of the most common mistakes individuals make.

Choose one that says “delicate” or “gentle” on the label instead. These are designed to remove filth, body discharge, sweat build-up without the use of bleach, phosphates, or enzymes that might damage some textiles, such as the ones used to produce your favorite lacey thong. For example, Ugees is one of a kind and the first Indian undergarment liquid was made especially for hand-laundering undergarments.

  • Use a lingerie bag if you *have* to put them in the washing machine.

Simple mesh bags called lingerie bags are what you use to put all of your delicates in the washing machine with the rest of the jumbled clothes. They prevent your intimates from getting sucked into the garment maelstrom and developing stretched straps or crooked elastic bands.

They’re also quite brilliant because they make finding all of your underwear easier while folding and putting away.

However as mentioned earlier machine wash is not recommended in any case, hand washing your undergarment is the ONLY ideal way.

You might think what is hassle with undergarments cleaning? Reality, they do need particular care, yes. They’re called delicates for a reason.

Now to keep your delicates safe take the next step, try Ugees undergarment liquid wash. .

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