Carolyn Mair, in her book “The Psychology of Fashion,” expresses, “Wearing nice quality underwear or lingerie sets boost our confidence and self-esteem, even if no one sees it.”

Being our constant companion from time unknown lingerie still hasn’t positioned itself as to be worthy of taken care of. If this is untrue then why do we ignore them when it comes to their maintenance! Undergarment care is not only crucial for keeping our intimate hygiene but also to maintain right body posture.

Please know that while your wardrobe gets all the appreciation for appearing so flawless, it’s actually your undergarments working seamlessly like heroes behind the scenes. They are an essential layer that acts as primer to set smooth all that goes above them. You’ve probably noticed how a good pair of underwear instantly brightens our mood, boost confidence; therefore they deserve all the attention and care we can give them. Here are a few pointers to help you keep your pricey, favorite underwear in good condition:

Follow below tips for undergarment longevity

Hand-wash your undergarments

Raise your hand if you’ve ever tossed your precious lingerie in a washing machine, guilty! Do you realize the damage it can cause to your lingerie? It can lead to fabric deformation, fraying, fading etc.

We’re not blaming you here; we completely understand the time crunch. In this fast-paced world with a million things on the go, delicate care is easily overlooked. Not any longer! Ugees identified a market gap and developed this super-fast lingerie washing detergent that will care for your undergarments like no other.

Our star product is super quick & easy to use. All you have to do with Ugees-undergarment liquid wash is to PUMP-RUB-RINSE. That’s right, No soaking. Simply pump the liquid onto a wet garment, gently rub it, and rinse it. Ta-da!

Choose the right detergent

Is one or more of the following attributes evident in any of your under wears? Starchy patches, Small holes, faded color, Stiffened fabric. If yes then the culprit may very likely be the detergent you are using for washing them.

You would agree that more often than not we brush off the most significant step for undergarment care i.e. Undergarment washing. We have been carelessly using those conventional detergents without weighing on the consequences.

Think about it, your inner wear is subjected to a completely different environment than your outer wear. While your inner wears are more susceptible to stains from bodily discharge such as sweat, blood, vaginal discharge, pee and poop stains, your outer wears are more vulnerable to heavy stains such as food, grease, oil, and so on. Don’t you think we need separate detergents for our outerwear and innerwear based on their needs? , a question to ponder

All your undergarments need is a mild detergent with disinfecting properties not harsh detergents to fight off greasy stains. So, where can one find such detergent?

Well, Ugees- undergarment liquid wash is at your service now. It is designed exclusively for hand-washing undergarments. The detergent liquid is super mild; it’s made with plant-based surfactants, plant based softeners and free from harsh chemicals like sulphate, phthalate, paraben, bleach and synthetic colors. This makes it an environmentally sustainable choice too. It also contains disinfectant that protects against bacteria, fungus and yeasts that cause infections in the reproductive and urinary tracts (UTI). Overall, Ugees-lingerie liquid detergent is a one-stop solution for all undergarment issues.

Wash With Cold Water

Aren’t we all super confused here? Some say, wash undergarments in hot water if you want to disinfect them properly. Others say, wash in cold water as hot water might cause delicates to fade, shrink, and wrinkle permanently. What to do exactly?

According to experts, only wash underwear in hot water if absolutely required, such as in the case of stubborn stains. Instead, use a disinfecting laundry detergent like Ugees- undergarment liquid detergent on a routine basis to keep infection-causing germs at bay. This will ensure the longevity of garments as well as your safety.

Always air dry

Nobody likes the backyard clothesline since it is outdated and unsightly, yet there are advantages to air drying laundry. Air drying allows our undergarments the needful sunlight for further disinfection and freshness.

We would rather insist to shy away from machine drying because the extreme heat from dryers not only destroys delicate fabrics, but also causes irreversible damage such as shrinkage, fabric distortion, elastic elongation, and fading. However, when the weather is humid or chilly you might find it difficult to get rid of the dampness. In that situation gently squeeze as much excess water as you can and put it to dry under a fan.

  • Some hanging instructions: Understand that delicates are named delicates for a reason, and that they must be handled with care. A seemingly insignificant activity such as air drying lingerie can have a significant impact on its health. While air drying a bra, make sure you clip it at the centre gore to avoid the straps elongating due to the weight of the damped cups. In case of panties/briefs, hang them in a way to avoid elastic elongation or we would advice to just lay them flat on drying rack.

Know When To Toss Them

It is advisable to replace your undergarments at regular intervals rather than keeping them for long. Keeping undergarments for an extended period of time increases the possibility of bacterial infections. How do you know when it’s time to change your underwear? If you take good care of your undergarments using Ugees- undergarment liquid wash , you can keep them for a longer period of time. However, lingerie gives you a lot of signs when it needs to be replaced.Please read our blog 8 Signs you are keeping your underwear too long. Store undergarments properly

We all put extra effort into organizing and maintaining our wardrobes, don’t you agree that our lingerie deserves similar attention if not more? Although storing undergarments properly is a crafty task but a very important one. It is vital to organize underwear in order to provide better care and easy access. We are listing down few easy underwear storing methods to make your job easy:

  • Flattened – Just lay your panties/briefs flat inside the drawer, this will allow them to breathe and stay crease free. In case of bra, store them standing up in a row so that the cups are inside each other.
  • Folded – fold your panties/briefs in way so that they are not crushing each other. In case of bra, place one bra cup into the other to fold.
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