A vacation is a vacation, regardless of where you are going or who you are travelling with. And you like to bring back lovely memories rather than terrifying tales of wardrobe mishaps! Being prepared is the only way to prevent this, thus Team Ugees has compiled a list of essential undergarments and travel accessories for every woman who travels, whether frequently or infrequently.

Vacations at the beach are a wonderful opportunity to unwind and forget about your troubles. Your key to a stress-free beach holiday is this easy packing list. Starting from what are the essential pieces of lingerie to the undergarment liquid detergent and other essentials, below is your checklist. You only need to focus on getting a tan!

Let us begin with the lingerie you would require in your vacation

Bralettes –

If you don’t need an underwired, padded bra, we advise bringing some unlined bras and bralettes instead. In hotter areas, they would be far more comfortable and take up less room. They are especially cosy for situations where you must wear a bra because you are sharing a room or visiting at a relative’s house.

Convertible bras –

These are a lifesaver for travellers who struggle with luggage space issues. A convertible bra can be adjusted to fit your preferred clothing with a flick of the strap(s). When you want to carry a halter shirt, a strapless dress, and a racerback T-shirt without the effort of packing bras to suit each outfit, this supportive bra is the solution.

Panties –

There are many different styles of panties available to match your clothes. Pack the clothing items that you feel most comfortable with, whether they are thongs, high waists, boy shorts, or bikini bottoms. Also, make sure you bring a lot. Because nobody wants to repeat dirty underwear, but you can repeat the bra.


Several colourful camisoles that would only take up a small amount of room in your backpack may save your life! Camisoles are incredibly flexible, serving as both a layering piece for when you need to cover up against the cold and a temporary nightgown.


This is something that no one really considers, but let’s be honest, don’t you want to sleep soundly at night so that you can be rested for the next day of travelling? Choose boy shorts and nightshirts or camisoles because they take up less room.


If you’re a party person who enjoys checking out the local nightlife in each place, pack a shapewear item with your go-to LBD to help you keep your curves in check while you dance the night away.

Swimwear –

Nothing should prevent you from relaxing in the pool or on a beach chair whether you can swim or not. So, make sure to have a fashionable yet cosy swimsuit. Choose a piece of swimwear that makes you feel sexy among the wide variety that the markets are swamped with.

Now that the lingerie check list is done for our dear ladies, here are a few more essential items you should definitely pack along.

Lingerie bags –

They are really helpful, especially the mesh versions. They not only secure and help organise your intimates, but the system also enables you to store your dirty underwear separately.

Stain Remover & cleaning products –

Surely there is no need for us to explain the benefits of packing some cleaning products. However, if you have the room and access to it, we advise bringing along a couple stain removal sachets. It’s typical for stains to transfer from your clothing to your underwear.

While travelling, you might not have the luxury of soaking and washing the stain out of your underwear, but you will have dealt with the worst and saved that pretty pricey piece of delicate with the helpful stain remover. But not to worry, you have the best friend you need everywhere. Ugees.

Ugees, undergarment liquid wash is there to save your day in your vacation, it doubles up as a stain remover for your pricey delicates. Further it’s no soak formula is ideal for keeping it in your travel items. All you need to do is pump a little bit of undergarment liquid wash on your lingerie, rub it and rinse it well in the sink.

So, are you set for your beach vacation? Don’t forget to order your pack of Ugees!

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