Ugees wash for winter gloves and beanies

Washing Your Winter Accessories? You Must Know This!

Winters can be really tough to handle especially with the chill setting in. It can indeed be a tough task to wash your winter clothes. But with Ugees and these essential tips, you can be rest assured that your delicates are super fresh and clean after not more than a 15 minute laundry:

  • Scarves and Hats

Check the care label for specific instructions.

For wool or delicate fabrics, hand wash in cold/lukewarm water with Ugees to preserve softness and colour vibrancy.

Lay flat to dry to prevent misshaping.

  • Gloves and Earmuffs

Turn gloves inside out and earmuffs inside in before washing.

Hand Wash with Ugees to maintain the integrity of delicate linings.

Shape gloves back to their original form and allow earmuffs to air dry.

  • Special Care for Wool

Use Ugees specifically formulated for wool items.

Avoid excessive agitation to prevent felting.

Lay flat to dry on a towel, reshaping if necessary.

  • Protecting Color and Texture:

Ugees' colour-safe formula ensures your accessories retain their vibrancy wash after wash.

The gentle cleansing action of Ugees helps preserve the texture of delicate fabrics, preventing stiffness or pilling.

  • Storing Clean and Fresh:

Before storing, ensure accessories are completely dry to prevent mould or mildew.

Use Ugees as a pre-storage treatment to eliminate any lingering odours.

Embrace the winter season with the confidence that your accessories are not only warm and stylish but also impeccably clean. Elevate your winter care routine with Ugees, the plant-based solution that goes beyond the ordinary, ensuring your winter essentials remain as luxurious as the first snowfall. Hand Wash with Ugees and let the magic unfold.

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