lingerie detergent for expensive lingerie

Ugees Liquid Wash- The only go-to detergent for your delicates!

Now that you are here again, we cannot emphasise enough that Ugees is not just for your underpants but also for your socks, stockings, shapewear, swimwear, face towels, gym gloves, scrunchies, headbands, makeup brushes, makeup sponges….let us all catch a breath. The swirl seems to go on and on. Ugees takes the spotlight as the ultimate solution for maintaining the integrity of your most cherished delicates.

What sets Ugees apart is its unique formula that not only fights off bacteria effectively but also excels in eradicating stubborn period stains. No longer will you be burdened with concerns about maintaining the hygiene and longevity of your delicate items—Making laundry time super easy. 

Washing tips? Hand Wash with Ugees. This ensures a thorough and gentle cleanse, safeguarding the delicate fibres of your garments. The plant-based composition makes Ugees an environmentally conscious choice, aligning seamlessly with a sustainable lifestyle. Also, your delicates will be clean in seconds, you wouldn’t even know!

Ugees doesn't just clean; it transforms your delicate garment care routine.So, so, so, make the switch, and let the power of Ugees redefine the way you care for your most treasured fabrics—hand wash with Ugees and experience a positive shift in the longevity, freshness, and cleanliness of your delicate wardrobe.

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