Bura na maano, iss holi Ugees hai!

Bura na maano, iss holi Ugees hai!

Are you set to celebrate Holi with some colour? We are sure that you are! What about your underwear, though? Do you want them to be permanently stained with colour? You're in good hands with Ugees, so relax. Ugees' mild composition makes it simple to eliminate stains left behind by natural colours like gulaal used during Holi. All that is required is a 30-minute soak in Ugees solution, gentle rubbing, and water rinsing. And Yay! Your underwear will be blooming fresh. 

Red, blue, yellow, pink, and orange,

Holi colors that we love to barge in!

But with Ugees, no need to worry,

Our undergarments will always be merry!

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