Are you planning your itinerary for your next travel destination? Have you thought of what’s priority in your suitcase? Let us guide you to that one ‘must-have’ which needs to be boarding the next flight with you.

Because as we know falling sick during travel, feeling the vaginal itchiness, and just getting infected in your intimate area is so common. It may be a mostly overlooked issue, but we know it’s true.

What is that one essential you shouldn’t be missing out on?

Laundry wash for lingerie! So, you get to explore the best tourist spots in comfortable and hygienic intimate wear. ‘Why is this so important, especially when on travel’, you ask?

It’s simple – So you are in great shape (pun intended) health-wise, have no intimate area problems, and don’t waste time fretting over washing those piled up lingerie and undergarments.

So, what’s different about Ugees easy wash liquid?

Now, every other laundry detergent will promise squeaky clean undergarments, no-stain, awesome smelling, or if they are on top of their game, then they might give sensational offers too. ‘Claim To Fame’, anyone?

But we have formulated something that walks the extra mile. With all the wellness and goodness to go in it, and its priced low too. But then, ‘what’s new?’, again – you ask?

…We are giving back to nature. Period.

Ugees disinfectant liquid is an eco-friendly, plant-based detergent. And it also comes with no-soak formula, takes only as much time as a walk in the hotel lobby. So, Hey! You! Don’t take the extra effort to wash your delicates. Do it under the shower, in the sink, all under 1 min, so you take time out for living your dream.

What are you waiting for then? The newly launched travel pack combo of Ugees is keeping YOU the traveler in mind, for a problem-free travel journey; giving health, hygiene, supple fabrics…, all in one!

SHOP Ugees washing liquid travel kit drop it in the suitcase…, it’s travel-friendly size makes for a killer combo.

And? Fly High…in health and happiness.

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