You have asked your mother, your friends and even googled it how to hand wash underwear and remove those stubborn stains.

For a moment, let’s be honest about your laundry. You know you aren’t easily and completely getting rid of those stains on your underwear even though you do it obsessively every single week. We’re referring to the stains that practically every woman has experienced from a particularly heavy period day (or from one of those occasions when you might have thought your period was over but it wasn’t).

Furthermore, there need not even be blood. Even the best fabrics can turn from brilliantly white to just dingy enough, which can completely spoil your favourite underwear.

Do not be ashamed; it is quite normal. Vaginal discharge includes protein, amino acids, and carbs, but its acidity can cause your underwear to change colour (kind of like how your armpit sweat can stain your tees).

There are ways to save your favourite underwear even if you despise doing laundry. The majority of stain removal techniques work best as soon as the stain is discovered, however stains that have set in can be a little difficult. But because we’ve all been there, we’re here to support you.

Here are five strategies to remove stains from underwear, whether you want to use nuclear power or all-natural cleaning products.

Give them a thorough rinsing.

This is a challenging question because, let’s face it, we can all occasionally become a little lazy. But immediately rinsing off your underwear after wearing them will help you avoid stains the most. Running them under cold water will remove most blood stains; warm water will cause the stain to set; you can then cure the stain when you wash the affected items. Adding up the undergarment liquid detergent at this stage can also be very handy.

These aids discharge as well, particularly if the mucus has already begun to become crusty. (We know how much we detest that word.) If you remove your underwear before a shower and bring them in with you for a brief rinse off, you can incorporate this into your routine. By the way, this is wonderful for bras as well.

Make your own paste to remove stains.

Use an aspirin or some baking soda to produce a paste if you prefer to erase stains naturally (or don’t want to spend a few dollars on a product). Simply crush one aspirin or create a gritty paste by adding a tablespoon of baking soda to some water. It should be applied to the stain, left to dry for a few hours or overnight, and then washed. If this looks like a lot of work, just use an undergarment liquid wash which is specially created for these tough stains

Employ a fresh lemon

Another option is to apply hydrogen peroxide or lemon juice to stains on lighter textiles. Simply place it there and let it sit for at least 30 minutes before laundering it as usual. Warning: If you have a clothing, you care about, test it on a small area first or skip it completely. This will fade darker colours. Make sure to wash it well off from your clothes to not cause you any trouble later down there.

Go to the kitchen and get some salt

In fact, you can apply table salt to your stains and let it rest there for a while before washing. (This works for oil stains as well.) Since contact solution is saline, it will also work to temporarily lessen stains while you’re travelling so you can wash them. Imaginary, huh?

Utilize an undergarment liquid wash

An undergarment liquid wash like Ugees is your best choice to get rid of the stains both your discharge and blood. In order to effectively target the area, pump the liquid into the undergarment directly and rub it well with a little water. Once done with a thorough rubbing you have to rinse it well with water. The specially made solution of Ugees is effective in removing stubborn stains, and restore life to your undergarments after every wash.

Saving your favourite pair of underwear from unsightly stains might requires a little additional work, but it is ultimately worth it. However, with Ugees your efforts are a little less stressful and less time consuming. The no soaking formula of Ugees is made to ease your fight with the stains, while saving time as well as water.

Fighting off the period stains seems like a challenge, get your pack of Ugees now and feel the change.

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