Oh, my precious underwear, keeper of my inner secrets! Why is it so hard to let you go??

I sometimes wonder is it just me who is underwear clingy? Turns out I am not alone. The reason why we hold on to do them is because it is really hard to get a pair of comfortable bra & panty that fits right and feels good, I know you agree. We ignore the condition of underwear unless the discomfort is absolutely unbearable. Even then, the first thing we blame is ‘Miss V’ when the real culprit might be that old underwear.

Know when it’s time to toss an underwear

Know when it’s time to toss an underwear

Everything wears down and underwear is no exception. Only by following a few simple steps can one increase the life of their underwear or pricey lingerie, read our blog ‘6 tips for undergarment care (so they last longer) ’. But if it is too late then perhaps it is time for you to invest in new underwear and Ugees is here to help you navigate through this process smoothly. Look for below signs:

They are permanently disfigured

When the elastic is distorted, the seam is out of place, your panty makes your rear look out of shape and the damage appears irreversible, it’s time to summon the courage to throw it away.

They are smelly

When your underwear is permanently engrossed by an odor that do not go away even after a wash, it’s time to let them go. This might be from a really bad yeast infection to that one unfortunate day when you left your panties to soak in water for too long.

Too loose

A loosen underwear drooping down your butt is probably the most unpleasant sight to look at in the mirror or be looked at by others. So, when that happens, no second thoughts, just replace it.

Too tight

We are morphing beings. When our body changes, the only right thing to do is to acknowledge and accept that. So, when your underwear becomes too tight, it’s time to get the new ones. Know that wearing tight underwear have serious health implications as it impacts blood circulation and may also lead to skin abrasions.

Stained permanently

Our underwear is exposed to bio-stains like blood, urine, sweat, other bodily discharge. It is advisable that they be washed with specialized detergents like Ugees- undergarment liquid wash , which takes care of bio stains without affecting the quality of fabric. However, if you leave your stained underwear untreated for long it will probably leave a permanent mark. So, when that happens it’s time to bid them goodbye.

Color faded

When the color of your underwear is faded beyond recognition, it is a sign that the underwear is now too old to be used. Time to replace it.

Gives you wedgies

If your underwear tends to get pulled up unstoppably and get scooched between your buttocks, that means it has lost its grip and form. Unless they’re thongs, it is time to throw them away.

You’ve never worn them

And then there are these cuties that never got the chance to be donned by you. There is probably a valid reason why you’ve subconsciously ignored them for this long. Well, it’s time to either pass them on to someone who might use them or just clear up that space for a new one.

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