The Smelly Truth: The Science Behind Undergarment Odours

The Smelly Truth: The Science Behind Undergarment Odours

 Did you know that the average person produces half a litre of sweat every day? That's a lot of moisture for odour-causing bacteria and fungi to feast on, especially in our nether regions!


When these microbes consume our sweat and dead skin cells, they produce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that give rise to the unpleasant odours we associate with smelly undies. One factor is tight-fitting clothing and underwear. When clothes are too tight, they can trap sweat and create a warm and moist environment that's conducive to bacterial and fungal growth. Synthetic materials like polyester and nylon can also make things worse, as they are more likely to trap moisture and provide a breeding ground for odour-causing microbes.


But that's not all - even the type of laundry detergent and fabric softener you use can affect undergarment odour. Harsh detergents can strip away natural oils and create an imbalanced pH, while fabric softeners can leave behind a residue that traps bacteria and fungi.


But do not let the smelly truth get to your mind, Ugees' safe, gentle, and sustainable formula is designed to eliminate these odour-causing microbes and leave your undies fresh and clean. Just pump, rub, and rinse with Ugees, and you'll experience the mind-boggling fact that your UGscan stay fresh for days on end.

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