Separating Fact From Fiction On Vaginal Odour

Separating Fact From Fiction On Vaginal Odour

Listen up, It's time to bust some myths about keeping your vagina smelling like a field of flowers. There are a lot of crazy ideas out there, so let's set the record straight.


Myth #1: Scented products are a must for a fresh-smelling coochie.

Oh, honey, no! Those scented soaps and sprays are actually doing more harm than good. Your delicate flower needs a pH balance that's all her own, and adding perfumes can upset the applecart, so to speak. Stick to fragrance-free options, okay?


Myth #2: Douche away the funk!

Uh, absolutely not. Douching is like inviting the bad bacteria to come set up shop. Your lady garden is a self-cleaning oven, thank you very much. Let her do her thing and leave the soap operas for daytime TV.


Myth #3: All undies are created equal.

No way, girl! Synthetic fabrics like polyester are like a sauna down there, trapping moisture and creating a ripe breeding ground for the funk. Opt for breathable cotton or bamboo undies and let your kitty breathe. Trust us, she'll thank you for it.


And if you really want to keep things fresh and clean, try Ugees-just pump, rub and rinse your UGs. It's the cherry on top of your hygiene routine!


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