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The Difference when you shop ugees.

Quick and easy

Ugees literally allow you to hand wash your undergarments in seconds. It is a no- soaking formulation that comes in a pump bottle.

Joyful experience

Hand washing undergarments is a wonderful experience with Ugees. The sweet scent of the product, as well as the softness of the suds on your hands and clothing, is soothing.

Increase garments longevity

Ugees is a gentle, non-toxic formula that keeps your expensive lingerie looking new and fresh for a longer period of time.

Superb Quality

Ugees is made from high-quality ingredients that are both sustainable and ethically sourced.

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It was designer Steven Miller—no slouch in the taste department—who first showed me the work of Jenny Hacker, a San Francisco-based textile artist. It was a blanket—black on black—with two different textiles fused together, one side organic cotton and the other, felted wool.

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Browse a wide range of distinctive pieces of arts you could never find elsewhere.


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Ugees is here to revolutionise the process of handwashing undergarments. We promise to provide high quality products that are safe for you, safe for nature.